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When we make decisions like where to live and buying property in Israel, it makes sense to get assistance from professionals who understand our needs and expectations. IPN knows the developers, the sellers and the buyers, and we are experts in bringing them together.

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Because we care. Did we say we have over 30 years in real estate? Did we say we have some of the top producing agents in the entire country?

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IPN works with a team of hand-picked independent English speaking real estate agents, based on their accomplishments in the industry and their deep knowledge of their communities.

IPN Realty Associate
Moshe is a serial dealmaker with a profound desire to motivate, teach and lead...
IPN Realty Senior Associate
Sabrina founder of Israel Property Network, has worked in international real estate for 28...
IPN Realty Associate
Helena is an extraordinary people’s person and has been buying and selling real estate...
IPN Realty Associate
Yosef specializes in matching Anglo investors and Anglo families with the perfect properties for...


This is what our clients say about us

We had a rough seller. I can't iterate enough how much IPN went above and beyond to help us get what we wanted. Always available, always willing to help and frankly wouldn't happen without this personal and immediate attention. Definitely use these guys to find the property you want.
by Robin
Tel Aviv - Raanana
Sabrina has done more for us than we could dream of when we arrived here. Before the move , during and even still 4 years on I know I can pick up the phone and she will help me, advise me and point me in the right direction. I can not recommend this lady enough -she is 100% honest. When I fell off my ladder unpacking and banged my head home alone who came over to sit with me in the ER? Sabrina!
by Natalie Lisbona
Hi Sabrina, Whilst we (as discussed) have opened up our property search, one thing you should know is that you stand head and shoulders above them in terms of quality, pro-activeness, knowledge and just less "dicking around" as I call it. So - whatever happens - I will always put people your way first. I am herding cats at the moment elsewhere. Thought you should know.
by Neil
London - Ra’anana
I worked with Shoshi Gentely Kahtan and found my dream apartment at a price I could afford and in the exact location I wanted. She stays on the job and even after settlement keeps in touch to make sure all is good. She is a seasoned pro and I highly recommend her and he team at IPN.
by Lucy
Washington DC - Jaffa, Tel Aviv
When making Aliya, there is no textbook, and you need connections to help you along the way. When we found our dream home in Israel, there was only one lovely person that helped us to secure my deal. I cannot thank Sabrina and IPN enough. She covered every issue with wise head, sound advice. She knows all the ‘Ins and Outs’. She worked tirelessly until late at night always communicating and being there to ease our concerns.
by ‏‎Louise Sorkin‎
I honestly don’t know how we would have made the move without Sabrina. She not only found the perfect property at the perfect price, she went above and beyond anything we had experienced before. Left the competition in the dust.! In fact these guys are so far ahead that there is no competition. G-d bless you and in case we didn’t already say it enough times... thank you
by Richard Cohen‎
Sabrina took such good care of us. Found us the perfect temporary flat that we needed and took us through the process until we signed. Everything was calm and easy with her!
by Idit Herstik Temerlies‎
Best agents in town!!! helped me set up my home and made it easier to settle in.
by Michael Flach‎
Been dealing with the team since making Aliyah to Israel. They have been with me and my family every step of the way. I wouldn't have been able to do this without them. Special mention must go to Sabrina, who couldn't do enough and nothing was too much trouble. IPN is truly the one stop shop for all your Aliyah needs.
by Alan Lipchin‎
Working with Sabrina has been great! She is the kind of agent I want on my side; strong, smart, is an expert in the market, honest, fair and caring for her clients. Was a pleasure working with her and her company.
by Meir Yaniv‎
IPN worked together with my family. Sabrina with her team listened and understood our needs and made our move so easy and doable. IPN also helped us do in 3 weeks what took our friends months to sort out. We rented and bought through IPN and if ever I have a question with anything I just call Sabrina and she's always happy to help. I don't know how people do it without help from someone you trust! Sabrina THANK YOU for everything!
by Rael Dirmeik‎
Dion & Sabrina (not the first time) went above and beyond in their assessment, understanding & ultimately delivery of my needs, finding the ideal place. Highly professional, yet with the right personal touch. Even more highly recommended!
by Daniel Greenberg‎
It was a lovely experience working with Sabrina and IPN to sell our apartment. They advertised right away, were professional and sold our apartment quickly.
by Shelley Esekow‎
It Was such a pleasure finding an apartment with Sabrina Ziff! I just moved and arrived from Ny and needed guidance in so many different ways and she was there helping me through it all!! I really felt her care, she wasn’t only about making her commission. She understood exactly what I needed and took into account my budget and really worked hard on finding me the most suitable option! I can’t recommend using her enough! Her knowledge in the field and intuition about her clients' needs is phenomenal!! Thank you again Sabrina!!
by Sarelle Lasry Lax‎
Customer from NY
Buying a home in Tel Aviv was overwhelming at first. Once my criteria were clear, I contacted a few estates agents and what a relief to finally find one that understood me, and knew exactly what I was talking about! IPN knew the market inside out, including areas I was unaware of. I found my home with her in 2014, an amazing project with the right partners involved. I was just as satisfied when she helped me find a second flat in 2015 which has also proven to be a perfect investment. A serious and honest service that I can only recommend.
by Jennifer Levy‎
Customer from Tel Aviv
This property company is the best, Thank you Tal the agent for your outstanding service and finding us a gem of an apartment in ❤️ of Raanana ❤️. Thank you to Israel property for EVERYTHING, I REALLY APPRECIATE WHAT YOU DID FOR US. I will continue to RAVE and recommend you guys. You are awesome!!!!!!!!!!
by Marcelle Sadman‎
Customer from Ra'anana
Dealing with Shoshi proved to be a life saver for us. Her standards of professionalism and efficiency are exceptionally high and we can't recommend her highly enough. What we appreciated most was her support way and beyond her obligation.
by David Yefet‎
We have really enjoyed working with Sabrina and IPN. They are kind, supportive, professional, and know the market. They are also clearly astute "matchmakers," bringing in only appropriate, promising buyers. As a result, our house sold really fast. Additionally, we think that their national networking concept is smart, and beneficial to all. We heartily recommend them as excellent real estate agents.
by Brynn and Dov Sugarman
Customers from Ra'anana
Sabrina took such good care of us. Found us the perfect temporary flat that we needed and took us through the process until we signed. Everything was calm and easy with her!
by Idit and Mark Temerlies
Best agents in town!!! Helped me set up my home and made it easier to settle in.
by Michael Flach
Thanks to Sabrina support we found a fantastic rental flat, and then again our home, which we purchased a few years later on. When looking to rent or buy you need to get it right and Sabrina was instrumental in getting us what we really needed. She guided and held our hands all the way!!!
by Avi Rosenfeld
Aliyah from London
We made Aliyah from Johannesburg. By divine intervention we met Sabrina. She was so instrumental in making our process work! It is a daunting thing moving to a new place, and if I can help make someone else’s process easier then it makes it feel all worthwhile. Again, thank you for all your assistance in our journey.
by Simoni and Ilan
Aliyah from South Africa

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