Aliyah Services

Aliyah Services

You probably want to know what this unique service is all about. We at the Israel Property Network understand the challenges of aliyah.

We assist you with many aspects of your aliyah process, enabling you to focus on a smooth transition, with minimal hassle and fuss.

Many of Israel’s official offices can be difficult to access; we have your administration covered.

  • Help in setting up a pilot trip
  • Tours of the city choice you are interested in
  • Organize you to view potential homes to be
  • Schools and Nursery registration assistance
  • Medical Registration with Kupot Cholim (Maccabi, Clalit, Leumit & Meuhedet)
  • Private medical services
  • Nursing care and housing for the elderly
  • Dental services
  • Creating & selecting the right bank accounts alongside currency exchange options
  • Transport and shipping recommendations
  • Compatibility of community with client’s personal preference
  • Purchase and or rental of cars
  • Residential permits for cars, bikes housing compliance, water
  • Access to legal services for your rental contract
  • We will help you liaise with reliable and competitive insurance brokers
  • Navigating
  • You’ll benefit from our relationship with existing suppliers for furniture, soft furnishings, appliances and ensuring the deserved customer service
  • Coordinating deliveries before your arrival.
  • Arranging fumigation of your new home if required
  • Organizing cleaners before your arrival
  • Welcoming you to your new home in Israel!!

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