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Welcome to the Israel Property Network – Israel’s first live and interactive network of licensed expert real estate agents, offering a fully customized property search and management service in English.

Headquartered in Ra’anana, the Israel Property Network extends throughout Israel with associate offices in Jerusalem, Tel Aviv-Jaffa, Modi’in, Bet Shemesh, Herzliya, Ashkelon, Bat Yam, Netanya, Tel Mond, Ir Yamim, Poleg, Hadera, Zichron Yaakov, Caesarea and Tsfat.

The realtors in our Network live within and specialize in knowing about specific cities and communities throughout Israel. Their familiarity with different neighborhoods in each city empowers them to assist our overseas clients to select the best streets and projects to suit their needs. 

Many of our agents moved to Israel as Olim, so they can guide our clients through the processes of making Aliyah and renting or purchasing a home in Israel. You can rely on them to recommend the ideal location for your family to live, based on their first-hand knowledge of relevant schools and nurseries, transportation links for commuting, and walking distances to local synagogues.

The Israel Property Network offers a full range of property services in Israel, from new residential and commercial project advisory, land purchase, home sales and rentals, to holiday home management and our personalized Aliyah support service. 

Our independent realtors will use their network to locate suitable properties anywhere in Israel, working on your behalf to help you choose the ideal property to suit your specifications. They speak fluent Hebrew and English, and some also speak Spanish and French. They keep their fingers on the pulse of Israel’s constantly changing real estate market, and can guide you smoothly through the entire process of purchasing real estate in Israel. 

Every client receives personal service and pro-active support. Our professional team will keep you fully updated with regular videos and updates, as part of our commitment to finding your dream property in Israel.

Meet the IPN Team

Sabrina Relevy, Founder of Israel Property Network, has worked in international real estate for 28 years, including 12 years in Israel since moving here in 2009. She established the Israel Property Network to offer a customer-centered solution for anyone who wants to make Aliyah or invest in Israeli real estate. Sabrina loves meeting new people and travelling around Israel and overseas, but describes herself as an introvert. Away from the office, she enjoys camping and family time with her five children and their dog Bambi.



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We had a rough seller. I can’t iterate enough how much IPN went above and beyond to help us get what we wanted. Always available, always willing to help and frankly wouldn’t happen without this personal and immediate attention. Definitely use these guys to find the property you want.

Tel Aviv – Raanana

Sabrina has done more for us than we could dream of when we arrived here.
Before the move , during and even still 4 years on I know I can pick up the phone and she will help me, advise me and point me in the right direction. I can not recommend this lady enough -she is 100% honest.
When I fell off my ladder unpacking and banged my head home alone who came over to sit with me in the ER? Sabrina!
Natalie Lisbona


Hi Sabrina,
Whilst we (as discussed) have opened up our property search, one thing you should know is that you stand head and shoulders above them in terms of quality, pro-activeness, knowledge and just less “dicking around” as I call it.
So – whatever happens – I will always put people your way first.
I am herding cats at the moment elsewhere.
Thought you should know.

London – Ra’anana

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